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Retire from your position, not your professional organization.

You became an educator and worked hard to fulfill the goal of providing a strong education for all of Arizona's students. Now, continue your work, and help to protect your pension by continuing to support your professional organization: NEA, NEA-Retired, AEA, AEA-Retired - all with low yearly dues of $90! 

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  • Mike
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We are a local chapter of AEA with more than 2100 retired educators and education support professionals.
AEA-Retired is a local affiliate of NEA and AEA. That means your membership keeps you enrolled in NEA, NEA-Retired, AEA, and AEA-Retired.

Click here to download a membership form to print, fill in and send to AEA.

For more information, call our Membership Chair, Shirley Boswell, 602-696-2458 or Julie Horwin, AEA-Retired President, (602) 574-1473

You have the option of using your ASRS pension to deduct your small amount of dues each month - about $7/month! Of course, if you are an NEA-Retired Lifetime member, your monthly dues deduct amount will only be $5!! Or you can pay yearly. Download the one-page membership form, fill it out and send it in to AEA. Click here to download a membership form to print and send in.

Are you dreaming of the day when golf, tennis and traveling fill your days with pleasure?

For some of you that day may be closer on the horizon than you might think or plan for. But, it's never too early to start planning for your retirement.

"If you are thinking about retiring, think about AEA-Retired," says Julie Horwin, AEA-Retired President, "Through AEA-Retired, you can stay involved in the Association, remain informed about education issues and keep the benefits you've earned."

Since its inception, AEA Retired members have been involved in a number of activities, including monitoring the Arizona State Retirement System and Investment Advisory Council decisions, lobbying the legislature to improve and protect retirement benefits, participating in the AEA Delegate Assembly and NEA Representative Assembly governance activities and supporting public education.


Am I allowed to join only AEA-Retired, and not NEA?

No, your low yearly membership of only $90 enrolls you in NEA, AEA, and AEA-Retired. You will receive all of the NEA and AEA print publications, plus the AEA-Retired The Conduit. Plus you will be able to keep all of the insurance that you have had for so many years.

I believe that I am already a member and need information about when to pay my dues?

We would love to help you. We want to protect every penny of your retirement pension, and have many ways of squeezing the most out of our retirement dollars! Contact our membership chair to find out the answers to questions such as, are you already a member? Are you an NEA Lifetime Member? How do I rejoin if I let my membership lapse? Can I keep my insurance if I don't join? For more information, call Shirley Boswell, our Membership Chair, 602-696-2458 or Julie Horwin, AEA-Retired President, (602) 574-1473

Do you have an online E-Newsletter I can get so that I can keep up with AEA and AEA-Retired?

We have the premier E-Newsletter that keeps you informed and up-to-date with issues regarding your ASRS pension, Social Security and other issues and interests that affect education retirees including paid and volunteer opportunities.

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Click here for the easiest way to become a member.

For more information, call Shirley Boswell, our Membership Chair, 602-696-2458

or Julie Horwin, AEA-Retired President, (602) 574-1473

Become a Member!

AEA-Retired Mission:  Now, more than ever, the commitment continues.  NEA-Retired membership today is more than 300,000 and we continue to lead the way in public education and on critical issues.  

AEA-Retired has over 2100 members across Arizona.  We work with AEA members to:

Protect and improve the retirement pension, and health benefits, including Social Security and Medicare

Improve public education through mentoring, litracy,  advocacy

Achieve legislatirve and political action goals for public schools and education employees.