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Become a Member!Linda Somo, President, AEA-Retired

AEA-Retired President Linda Somo

You may join AEA-Retired in several ways.

  • You may join by authorizing monthly dues deductions from your ASRS pension. This is highly recommended and you will receive a $10.00 rebate your first year.
  • You may join on an annual basis for yearly dues of $90.00 ($30 each for NEA, AEA and AEA-Retired) or only $7.50 per month from your ASRS pension.
  • You may join as an NEA-Retired Life member for a one-time NEA-Retired dues of $250.00. You then have yearly dues of $30.00 for AEA and $30.00 for AEA-Retired. After the first year, your dues are $60.00 per year; if you are paying by dues deduct it is $5.00 per ASRS check.

You cannot join just one association, you must join all three, NEA, AEA, AEA-Retired.


Continue to stay involved, remain informed, and keep the benefits you've earned, such as your dental insurance, your complementary life insurance, and the many wonderful NEA Member discounts. Staying involved and in touch with your colleagues and friends will provide many advantages - too numerous to count! Join us!


Call either Shirley Boswell at 602-696-2458 or Jennifer Dawson at AEA 602-264-1774 ext 126, to request a membership application. or...

* Click here to Download the application and mail to AEA Retired.


Another Wonderful Member Benefit!

Member Benefits!

Register, and a monthly email with Arizona discounts will be sent directly to your email address. You can cut your yearly budgets by hundreds of dollars every year, when you buy food, restaurants, shoes, clothing, office supplies, entertainment, and so much more!