Virtual 2020 AEA-Retired Annual Meeting

The AEA-Retired May 8, 2020 Annual Meeting  is reconfigured as a virtual meeting

Time of day to be decided.  When you register, you will receive an email with all of the information.


You can register now, online, with one click, here:

Only registrants will be sent the link to join the virtual meeting. 


     We know coronavirus (COVID-19) is top of mind for everyone, as it is for all of us at AEA-Retired.  At this critical time, it is even more important for AEA-Retired to remain dedicated and focused on our mission to support you in your efforts to have a fulfilling, safe and dignified retirement.  For everyone’s continued safety, we have transitioned to work from home. We will continue to support you with time, phone calls, Zoom, and other video conferencing, to strengthen our ability to meet your needs in the near future.  

     In accordance with government and health officials’ recommendations, the AEA-Retired Annual Meeting is being reconfigured as a virtual meeting that everyone can attend using your tablet, smart phone, computer or other device.  


Thoughtful, specific procedures have been developed to ensure that all general membership will receive a meaningful opportunity to participate in the Retired Annual Meeting. These will be communicated in The Conduit and via emails.  


You can register now, online, with one click, here:

Only registrants will be sent the link to join the virtual meeting. 


And a big plus! There will be 6 drawings during the Annual Meeting for $100 each!  That is a total of $600 in cash give-aways!  Only registered participants who are present will be eligible to win.  


Two virtual Happy Hours (virtual get-togethers) will be held in the weeks before the Virtual Annual Meeting so that all registrants come to the meeting with confidence.  You may attend one or both!  A total of $200 in cash drawings will be given away during those meetings!  The links to join these get-togethers will be sent only to registrants for the Annual Meeting.  

Dates of Happy Hours:  

  • Thursday, April 23 6 PM – 7 PM

  • Thursday, April 30, 6 PM – 7 PM

  • Mark your calendar.  Registrations to join the get-togethers will be sent on April 20, 2020.  Attendance at one or both of these events may increase your confidence in joining a virtual meeting.  

Online Voting for Candidates during the Annual Meeting.

Online voting (also known as electronic voting, or e-voting) is the process of using an electronic method to cast, and then tabulate, votes in an election. An online voting platform that will ensure a valid, reliable, safe election where integrity is maintained will be used for the elections.  These will be communicated in The Conduit and via emails to delegates. 

Candidates will be able to give a short statement prior to the online elections.  


We are happy to bring you this new way to meet.  While we would much rather meet and hold our Annual Meeting in person – we recognize that we must be responsible in our planning as we ensure that we follow the Constitution and Bylaws for the AEA-Retired Annual Meeting.  

We are looking forward to seeing you online at the Annual Meeting on May 8!  Time of meeting to be decided.  Be sure to check back or check your emails.  


Julie Horwin, President, AEA-Retired

602-320-3093 - personal phone - please call me at any time!