102-Year-Old Announced AZ Delegate Votes for Hillary Clinton's Nomination

Jerry Emmett was 6 when women earned the right to vote and is in Philly as Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic presidential nominee. Jerry belongs to an exclusive club: she’s one of the few women with firsthand memories of the national women's suffrage movement. Living more than a century, she can marvel at our progress on a dozen fronts: from telegrams to instant messaging; from washing clothes in a galvanized metal tub with a wringer to the modern washer and dryer; and from horse and buggy to the airplane that will take her to the Philadelphia convention. Jerry was there when women got the vote. In Arizona, women had gained the right to vote in 1912 and voted in the presidential electio

Looking forward: Prop. 123, the ASRS, and Our Membership

​Ten years ago I took on the task at AEA-Retired of monitoring the Arizona State Retirement System for our members. As part of that job I find myself at ASRS Board meetings and at the capitol deal-ing with legislators and lobbyists. I have traveled around the state talking to retired and soon-to-be retired educators. I remind them how fortunate we are to have a defined benefit plan and that ASRS is one of the top funds in the country. However, ASRS was not immune to the economic crisis and the ASRS plan is currently 77.53% funded. Besides lower market returns, state tax cuts and budget cuts have caused ASRS employers to either freeze or cut back on hiring new employees. Added to that was the

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