Reflections From a Campaign Volunteer

Each election cycle, we are subjected to endless stories about voter apathy. We live in a world where people binge-watch political shows like Veep and House of Cards for hours on end, but can’t be bothered to drive across town and pull a lever or fill in a bubble at the ballot box. While voting is incredibly important–really, it’s a civic duty–it’s a good idea to get involved before the election. America is the land of opportunity, and one of those is the opportunity to help shape our country by taking an active role in the election process. As an Arizonan, I’m excited our state has become relevant for the first time in years, thanks to some very close races between Hillary and “The Donald”

Retired Educator Has Recommendations for Voters

I am always looking for research which is valuable to our members as we make decisions which can have a positive affect on Arizona's Public Schools. Perhaps the most valuable information is that which helps us reach decisions about what elected officials we should support, or not support, based on their voting records. It is rare to hear a candidate, Democrat or Republican, running for office say they do not support public schools. Voting records, however, are public documents telling us who did, or did not, "walk the walk" once they were elected to represent us. The website listed below will provide you the necessary information, based on the major educational issues faced by our Legislat

Your Radical AEA-Retired President is Voting – and telling You how to Vote

I have always enjoyed political discussion, and this year, there are even more people who are adding their voices to the mix. This is great! It seems everywhere I go, no matter what group, young, old, in-between – we are all talking politics this year! More people will vote in this election who are political novices and whose voices have not been heard in the past. Many of those will be voting against my candidates. I want to be clear, I am still happy those persons care about politics enough to talk about politics and to vote. I just think that in some of those I have talked to, their energy is misdirected, and that is disheartening. They are staying on the negative and not voting for

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