Seriously? The Demise of Public Education in Arizona?

I’m writing this as I sit in a very crowded House Education Hearing room. There are many bills being discussed today but the worst is the largest voucher expansion bill ever. All students in Arizona would have a voucher. When you consider that 1 of 5 kids is living in poverty, parents cannot get their students to these private “public” schools while holding down jobs, and there is no accountability for how tax money is spent (into the pockets, homes, luxury cars of the owners of these schools), this makes absolutely no sense. 80% of almost one million school age students attend traditional public schools. Why? Because they have state-of-the-art teaching, they don’t nudge kids who don’t te

Stripping Funds From Neediest Students

As I write this I am sitting in the House Education Committee Hearing Room waiting to testify against expanding the voucher program. But, last week, I sat across the courtyard, and testified against stripping Desegregations Funding from Arizona schools. Some of the state’s poorest and most disadvantaged students reside in the districts that receive desegregation funding. These students could fall back into a cycle of failure. Desegregation dollars help some of the neediest students gain access to the same learning opportunities as those in wealthier districts. I acknowledge that our system of funding education is not equitable, buy, this is not the community to attempt to create a saving

Crybabies - Or Outcry

Arizona Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Glenn Hamer said he didn't criticize Arizona teachers but rather the teacher unions for supporting the passage of a statewide minimum wage increase. Hamer called teachers' unions "a bunch of crybabies" for complaining about teacher pay while also supporting the minimum wage increase, which Hamer says takes money out of classrooms. Untrue. Alternate Facts. Lies. What has decimated the Arizona General Fund? Corporation tax credits, school vouchers, tax loopholes for giant national businesses – that is what is starving our general fund – not decent wages for a hardworking labor force. We want students who have parents who can earn a living, and

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