This. Is. Our. Country.

I have the honor to lead the largest local of AEA. I am the president of AEA-Retired. I am a Republican registered voter. Why do I share that with you? AEA is non partisan. We vote our education issues. I share that little piece of me because I have spent my entire career and leadership within AEA, AEA-Retired trying to see both sides of the argument. I have spent my adult life doing all that I can to live and discuss politics from a values orientation rather than a partisan one. At some point, though, this no longer works. At some point I cannot justify policy that is being made in a purely partisan way. I’m a Mexican woman – my mother and father are Mexican. They did not cross the

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE –America’s Working Families Are Going to Suffer

I am concerned about the recent poll that went only to families who have one or more members of a union. That poll found that overwhelmingly, when asked if unions served a good purpose; and another question, "do unions strengthen America"; and finally, "do unions help working families" found that 87% of family members of union members answered, “No” to each of those questions. Our. Own. Family members. We should not be surprised. No where in any media are unions extolled as strengthening or good for America and Americans. Grover Norquist, The author, founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform said in a recent article: “The March 2011 signing of ACT 10, a dramatic reform of public

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