Two Retired Leaders Featured in NEA Today Magazine

NEA Today is featuring retired educators who are still making a difference—and two of those highlighted are Arizona's own Barbara Matteson and Linda Somo. The former NEA-Retired president, Barbara Matteson was recently honored as the NEA-Retired Distinguished Service Award by the NEA-Retired Executive Council. Linda Somo, the past-president of AEA-Retired and currently serving as the treasurer of the Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans continues to offer mentorship and advice on the AEA-Retired Board. Read below about their continuing contributions to the teaching profession below and to all AEA members. Six Over 60: Meet Retired Educators Who Are Still Making a Difference BY BRENDA ÁLVA

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There are those who think only of themselves and theirs. That has always been a part of the U.S. And it belongs here, just like we all do. But, underlying all of our public policies in the U.S. is the social policy of looking after the interests of all people: rich, poor, old and young, and being inclusive of all religions, races, ethnicities, LGBT, and everything in between. Betsy DeVos and her colleagues in the White House intend to abandon our nation’s core belief that the government is a huge entity which has the power to spend trillions of dollars on behalf of the greater good for the country and the people it serves. America was built on the premise that government should support c

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