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You Know, I've Still Got It

Actress Helen Mirren still has it - and so do I. What am I talking about? You guessed it - the ability to create change, one action at a time. This is what we spent our careers doing - and in order to keep our retirement security strong, I'm going to need your help. Let's make certain that those elected in the AZ PRIMARIES (that's where 95% of our elections for the state legislature are decided) are those who know, understand and want to safeguard the value of ASRS.

Gov. Ducey and ASU President Michael Crow have stated that they will bring a bill in January 2017 to topple the Arizona State Retirement Security System. Find out more by visiting the "Issues and Resources" section of

Then, come with me as I make phone calls, knock doors and help candidates to change who is making policy that impacts our lives. Contact me.

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