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You Can Make a Difference

The Governor and many others are saying that the passage of Proposition 123 was a good start, a first step, in providing the much need funding for public education. Now we want to hear about the second step. Restoring the 1.2 billions dollars that were cut during the recession would be a good start to fund schools adequately.

We need to join with the many organizations in Arizona that are continuing the fight to restore the funding needed. We need to continue to lobby our elected leaders to stand up for kids. And those that continue to ignore the importance of a well-funded public school system need to be replaced.

It is time to hold legislators' feet to the fire. What is their plan for restoring adequate funding? What specifically will they do to support public education? Then support those who have solutions and oppose those who waffle or change the subject.

You can make a difference. Our involvement is needed. Support our recommended candidates with your time and money. And get others involved. See that your family members, friends and neighbors are registered to vote. And inform them about the positions of the candidates running for office. And then get them to vote in August. That is the vote that counts. We can’t accept the status quo. We need to work for change. Join me, and my colleagues from AEA-Retired and help make a difference. Thanks, Larry (The) and Luci (Future). That's me with the "Change". Barbara.

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