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Your Radical AEA-Retired President is Voting – and telling You how to Vote

I have always enjoyed political discussion, and this year, there are even more people who are adding their voices to the mix. This is great! It seems everywhere I go, no matter what group, young, old, in-between – we are all talking politics this year!

More people will vote in this election who are political novices and whose voices have not been heard in the past. Many of those will be voting against my candidates. I want to be clear, I am still happy those persons care about politics enough to talk about politics and to vote. I just think that in some of those I have talked to, their energy is misdirected, and that is disheartening. They are staying on the negative and not voting for a purpose, a direction, a policy or a vision. It seems they are voting just to express anger.

So, right here in this article, with my real name printed right above these words, I am going to break the No. 1 rule of rational political discussions. I am going to tell you who to vote for. Gosh, I’m so brave.

In no particular order, vote for:

#1: The candidate whose stances on the issues line up with yours.

I SAID WHAT?! Radical, I know. If you are telling me you are supporting a candidate, make sure you know their stances on the issues. Read their writing. Listen to them talk. I strongly encourage you all right now, no matter what you think you already know, to at least go to each candidate’s websites and read their policies thoroughly. Stop listening to news sources and articles that the guy who ghosted you last month shared on Facebook. Read candidates’ stances yourself. Have a ready answer when people ask you what ideas you specifically support. There are many websites that let you take quizzes and match you with the candidate who you have the most in common with, just make sure the websites are accurate. I am including a link to those candidates for whom I am voting because they have a vision that matches my vision for what Arizona can offer their citizens.

#2: The candidate who prioritizes the issues that are most important to you.

Maybe the candidates have similar opinions that you agree with. Maybe the candidates have different opinions and you disagree with all of them. What issues do those candidates prioritize? What issues do they make a point to bring up again and again and again? Focus on their stances on those issues, and how you feel about supporting those stances.

See the link below to find out how I have answered those questions.

And now I’m going to break more rules and tell you how to vote:

#1 Become critical of everything you hear.

No more of this “my uncle’s friend’s mom’s neighbor told me” stuff. That may have worked when you gossiped about relationship statuses, but it does not work for the elections. Check the sources, always. Really think about what is being said and why it is being said.

#3 Be willing to defend your decision.

The persons for whom you vote to lead our state should not be something you are ashamed of. Be willing to tell people who it is, and why. Nothing changes unless it is commonly argued about, so for goodness sake, argue away! But argue with the goal of finding the best possible solution, and not with the goal of being right. And argue with people who share that same goal.

Finally, I’ll do something socially acceptable, and tell you why you should vote:

#1 Because you wouldn’t throw your trash on the ground.

If you still throw your trash on the ground, you can stop reading. You’re hopeless. For the rational caring people out there, why do you make the decision to take yourself all the way to the trash can across the street and throw away your frozen yogurt cup, when you won’t even get up to change the channel? Will one cup on the ground really make a difference? Whatever your answer, just apply it to voting. For most of you, I think this answer comes down to your fifth grade self being told by some sort of authority figure: “If everyone thought like that…”

#2 Because you care about the issues, not because you care about whose party will win.

Don’t vote for someone or not vote for someone just because you think the outcome of the election is already decided. If your values align with a candidate, vote for them, no matter what the party affiliation. Vote for the person you will be proud of voting for. That is real democracy, and that is getting your voice heard.

The Arizona primaries are NOW if you have an early ballot. The poll for our primaries will open Tuesday, August 30. Start researching some policies! I have made it a little easy for you by doing what I said I would do. I am attaching my recommendations.

Click here to be taken to my recommendations - based on my issues, my vision these candidates will work to make policy that matches.