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Retired Educator Has Recommendations for Voters

I am always looking for research which is valuable to our members as we make decisions which can have a positive affect on Arizona's Public Schools.

Perhaps the most valuable information is that which helps us reach decisions about what elected officials we should support, or not support, based on their voting records. It is rare to hear a candidate, Democrat or Republican, running for office say they do not support public schools. Voting records, however, are public documents telling us who did, or did not, "walk the walk" once they were elected to represent us.

The website listed below will provide you the necessary information, based on the major educational issues faced by our Legislature during the 2016 Legislative Session. This data will allow each of us to make an informed voting decision regarding our senator or representatives. This website simply states the major legislation and how each legislator voted.

I sincerely hope this will be as valuable for you as it has been for me as I make decisions about our legislative candidates during our Primary and General Elections.

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