Reflections From a Campaign Volunteer

Each election cycle, we are subjected to endless stories about voter apathy. We live in a world where people binge-watch political shows like Veep and House of Cards for hours on end, but can’t be bothered to drive across town and pull a lever or fill in a bubble at the ballot box. While voting is incredibly important–really, it’s a civic duty–it’s a good idea to get involved before the election. America is the land of opportunity, and one of those is the opportunity to help shape our country by taking an active role in the election process. As an Arizonan, I’m excited our state has become relevant for the first time in years, thanks to some very close races between Hillary and “The Donald” and between Kirkpatrick and McCain. I’ve been volunteering on the campaign trail this election cycle, and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

Think of it this way–if you devote time to cheering your sports team on their way to the World Series or the Super Bowl, why not support the person you’d like to see as the next leader of our nation or of your home state? Getting informed about the candidates, choosing one to support, and volunteering are great ways to take part before Election Day.

Every candidate has a website, and they all have VOLUNTEER headings you can click on to get more information. Trust me, they can’t wait to hear from you. I know, because I’m a campaign volunteer myself, and the campaigns are always looking for people eager to pitch in and lend a hand. So if you are thinking you’d like to volunteer, I can’t say it strongly enough–you should definitely do it.

If you think volunteering is endless drudgery, fear not. It is anything but boring or tedious! You are working with others toward a common goal, which bonds you with fellow team members from the start. There’s a sense of community that develops, especially if you volunteer regularly. There is a lot of laughter and camaraderie when you work with a campaign. There’s an excitement you feel when working events and interacting with people you’re meeting for the first time. Most importantly, there’s a satisfaction that comes from dedicating time and energy to something that matters to you, and that is part of a greater purpose.

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