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Read It - This Will Only Take a Minute

There are those who think only of themselves and theirs. That has always been a part of the U.S. And it belongs here, just like we all do. But, underlying all of our public policies in the U.S. is the social policy of looking after the interests of all people: rich, poor, old and young, and being inclusive of all religions, races, ethnicities, LGBT, and everything in between.

Betsy DeVos and her colleagues in the White House intend to abandon our nation’s core belief that the government is a huge entity which has the power to spend trillions of dollars on behalf of the greater good for the country and the people it serves.

America was built on the premise that government should support children when in need (Medicare, Social Service, food stamps), and to help the states and local governments provide an equal education so that all children have an opportunity for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Betsy DeVos intends to kill that concept. And in doing so, it is my opinion that they will kill the America in which we grew up. She and her colleagues want to kill the minimum wage, Social Security, and privatize education and health care.

DeVos and her like-minded Koch brothers circle are very fortunate to have inherited billions. (I won’t even get into how those billions were made.) What they intend to do with those millions that Americans and America helped them to get is to push policies that abandon our policies of opportunity for all that America stands for.

DeVos’s education policy she is pushing means turning over tax dollars to for-profit businesses for a completely privatized education system. This includes schools that exclude people of color, the poor, the disabled, and others who may need extra support to learn. She ignores the fact that many of these businesses have cheated the students and parents they “sold” on their school.

Rather than improve our public education, rich DeVoss and Trump want to take $30 billion from them and give it to corporate chains.

We have only to look in our own backyards in Arizona to see the results of this policy. Senate president Steve Yarborough pushed the largest private school fund into law. One of the corporations, called Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization has taken more than $73 million from Arizona taxpayers, paying its executive director $125,000. It also pays millions of dollars to another for-profit corporation named HY Processing to handle administrative duties. (The “Y” in HY stands for Yarborough.)

As we know from experience, corporate leaders are paid a lot of money to make sure their companies take every avenue to cheat, lie, in order to squeeze another penny in profits. Why would we ever trust our precious children to them?

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