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The premier organization for retired Arizona educators.

A Statewide Local of the AEA. 

A state affiliate of NEA & NEA Retired. 

When you join AEA Retired, you join the AEA, NEA, & NEA Retired  

for only $105 (certified) per year,

or $91 (classified).

That is less than $9 per month, 

or $8 per month.

There is a one-time, lifetime, NEA dues of $300 (certified),

or $180 (classified).

 Membership gives you access to every program, conference, publication and other online advantages.


Local Chapters

With EIGHT local chapters there is likely a chapter near you!  
Contact the chapter chair(s) to find out the date/time of the next meeting.  
You may choose to attend the local chapter where you live, or where you worked - or attend both!


Julia Watson

Peter Coston_edited.jpg

Prescott - Julia Watson

Click on the link below for more information

Marshall Militano

Peter Coston_edited.jpg

Glendale/West Valley - Marshall Militano

Click on the link below for more information

Nancy Riley

Peter Coston_edited.jpg

Scottsdale/Paradise Valley - Nancy Riley

Click on the link below for more information

Ellen Kaplan Shamah

Peter Coston_edited.jpg

Kyrene - Ellen Shamah

Click on the link below for more information

Danny Barlow

Peter Coston_edited.jpg

Interstate/Flagstaff/Northern Arizona/Reservation - Danny Barlow

Click on the link below for more information

Susan Austin

Peter Coston_edited.jpg

Central Phoenix - Susan Austin & Gary Mehok

Click on the link below for more information

Sally Rosén

Peter Coston_edited.jpg

Southeastern Arizona - Sally Rosen

Click on the link below for more information

Dr. Janie Hydrick

Peter Coston_edited.jpg

Mesa/East Valley - Dr. Janie Hydrick

Click on the link below for more information

Peter Coston

Peter Coston_edited.jpg

Greater Tucson - Peter Coston

Click on the link below for more information


345 East Palm Lane

Phoenix, Arizona   85004


Anna Cicero, AEA Retired President:  480-600-1170

Membership:  Shirley Boswell, Membership:  602-696-2458

Some things to contact us about:  

  • Your membership status

  • Paying through ASRS so it is less expensive, and you won't miss a dues update.

  • Upcoming events

  • Our publications - print and online

  • Joining our email list for $100 cash drawings each year and much more up-to-date information.

  • And for any other reason!

AEA Retired


Now, more than ever, the commitment continues.  NEA Retired membership today is more than 300,000 and we continue to lead the way in public education and on critical issues. 


We work with AEA members to:

  • Protect and improve the retirement pension, and health benefits, including Social Security and Medicare.

  • Improve public education through advocacy, mentoring, literacy.

  • Achieve legislative and political action goals for public schools and education employees.

About AEA Retired

Arizona Education Association-Retired is a statewide local affiliate of AEA.

We hold a seat on the AEA Board of Directors.

We have seven local chapters and over 2100 members throughout the state of Arizona. I hope to see you soon at one of the many local or statewide meetings.

You and I joined AEA because we knew the value of collective impact in helping us to create the best learning environments for Arizona students.

When you retired, you did not leave that work behind. Come find out how AEA-Retired can help you to continue

to support the work of ensuring a quality education for each student in Arizona. 


Throughout our careers, we paid a high price to ensure that we'd have a strong pension to last us through our retired years. Now, we need to continue our membership and support for our professional organization in order to protect our pensions. 


I look forward to talking with you soon, or seeing you at a local or statewide meeting. 

See you there!
Anna Cicero

President, AEA-Retired


Officers and Members of Executive Board

Anna Cicero


Second term First year. 2023-2026

Maria Leyva


First term Second year 2022-2025

Julie Rivera Horwin

Past-President/NEA Director

. .

Ken Freed

Vice President

Appointed VP 2021-2024. AEA Alternative Director 2022-2025

Steve Linder


First term First year 2023-2026

Luci Messing

AEA Director


Danny Barlow

First term-Second year 2022-2025

Cindy Couture

First term-First year 2023-2026

Jeanne Erickson

Second term-First year 2023-2026

Marilyn Freed

First term-Third year 2021-2024

Deb Larned

First term-Third year 2022-2025

Barbara Matteson

Second term-Second year 2022-2025

Peter Coston

First term-Third year 2022-2024

Janice Dwosh

First term-Second year 2022-2025

Cynthia Hale

First term -First year 2023-2026

Norma Jimenez

Second term-Third year 2021-2024

Sharin Manes

First term-Third year 2021-2024

Gary Mehok

Second term-First year 2023-2026

2023-2024 Board Calendar

All board meetings begin at 10am

  • Tuesday, Sept 12 @ 10:00am

  • Tuesday, October 10 @ 10:00am

  • Tuesday, November 14 @ 10:00am

  • Tuesday, December 12 - Holiday Meeting @ 10:00am

  • Tuesday, January 9 @ 10:00am

  • Tuesday, February 13 @ 10:00am

  • Tuesday, March 12 @10:00am

  • Tuesday, April 9 @ 10:00am


Our Leaders and Governance

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