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Alliance for Retired Americans


Your AEA-Retired membership is also your membership in the Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans

Join the Social Security Rapid Response Team

Join with hundreds of other Rapid Response Team Members. Your expertise and years of experience are crucial during this critical turning point in Social Security, Medicare, and drug prices.

We’d love to have you partner with us! We want you for:

  • Phoning and writing to legislators in the district in which you vote.

  • Writing Op Ed articles with our messaging.

  • Participating in legislative activities with other Retired Activists 

Sign on to be part of the Pension Rapid Response Team. We can't do this without you.

Help us by phoning, attending press conferences, rallies, and Legislative Committee hearings.

Arizona Retirement Security Coalition

345 East Palm Lane

Phoenix, AZ 85004


Julie Horwin, 2019

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