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2019 AEA Awards Luncheon Payment


No need to have a Paypal account.

Click on yellow "Buy Now."


Click on "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" on that payment page.  

Is PayPal Safer Than Banks and Credit Cards?

In actuality, using PayPal may be even safer than using a check or your credit card or bank account to make a purchase.

When you send a payment using PayPal, AEA-Retired won't receive sensitive financial information like your credit card or bank account number.

With PayPal, your financial data is stored away in a single online "vault", whereas the same can't be said when transmitting credit card or bank data online on the internet. Also, paper checks can easily be compromised by fraudsters - all they need is a bank account or routing number to crack into a buyer's account and cause serious financial damage.

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