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AEA-Retired Intergenerational Mentoring Program

For Retired Educators

AEA-Retired and its Intergenerational Mentoring Committee are committed to help increase the retention rates of educators as well as to promote the successful completion of our protégés student teaching experience.


 AEA-Retired proactive mentors will be taking action by mentoring student teachers one on one.  


In their mentorship relationship with the students, mentors will be building trust as they share and exchange ideas regarding classroom management, working with parents, parent teacher conferences, motivating students, etc. 


Through their expertise, wisdom, guidance, discussions, and support, their goal is to create awareness so that their protégés will be informed about professional requirements and issues they may encounter in their student teaching and in their teaching classrooms. 


They want to share with their protégés the positive experiences they enjoyed; and that the protégés can enjoy as educators.


They will also share how they dealt with classroom problems before they impeded their teaching or student learning. 


And most importantly, they will be there for their protégés, lending attentive ears to listen to their concerns; and together will be brainstorming possible solutions to overcome them.

For Students

We look forward to seeing our Arizona public university student teachers starting to pave their way into becoming our next generation of career educators as we were.


Our desire is that our protégés enter the “real world” of teaching empowered, feeling knowledgeable about the current state of education, knowing what’s going on, and having an idea of what they can expect once they take command of their teaching assignments and students.


Our next generation of educators must be valued, supported and treated with the respect they deserve.  


We want our Arizona Public Schools, educators and students to enjoy the dignified state of public education that everyone once enjoyed. 


And as AEA-Retired educators and advocates of public education, our wish is that our new generation of educators remain in education and acquire the skills and expertise needed to provide the quality education that all our students are entitled to receive in our Arizona Public Schools. 


The education that is meant to help young students thrive and succeed, and was promised by our Founding Fathers.

Let us be a listening ear for you - our wisdom is our gift to you.  

Arizona Intergenerational Mentoring Program is a collaborative program between the Arizona Education Association Retired (AEA-Retired) and AEA-Student Program (AEA-SP) with the full support and cooperation of the Arizona Education Association.

©2017 by Julie Horwin

AEA & AEA-Retired

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