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Protecting Your Retirement Security

New Threat to ASRS

Julie Horwin explains why the Arizona State Retirement System matter to ALL Arizonans

AEA-Retired Day at the Capital

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Hosted by AEA-Retired, join us for lunch with legislators, our AEA Lobbyist, Stephanie Parra, and a day at the capital.  Visit committees, the House and Senate Floor sessions and so much more. Learn about any issues that may impact your retirement.  All activists from any retired organization are welcomed. Please register today so that we have enough lunches and materials.  

Talking points about ASRS that you may wish to share with your family and friends.

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Keep Current about the Issues

AEA-Retired member Steve Ramos updates our Facebook Page daily with the most engaging, current education and retirement issues in our state and nationally.  Don't miss out. When you get there - click "Follow."

Information to help you understand, defend, and strengthen the quality and level of retirement benefits for yourself and other public education employees.

Publications, toolkits, and Web sites to help you learn more about retirement security.

Medicare & Social Security
Arizona State Retirement System

Because of the increasing cuts to higher education, Michael Crow, Gov. Ducey have a plan to put all new hires and employees who transfer positions into a defined contribution plan.

"If this occurs it will topple the ASRS,"  Julie Horwin, President, AEA-Retired

Advocating for Appropriate Funding 

Each of the groups above has one agenda - to improve the support for students and their educators in order to achieve equity in access to a great public education.   Warning - there are others who say the same, but are for profit.  

Legislative Action

Make yourself aware of the strategies to help protect your retirement security and support Arizona's students and their educators.  

Articles and the Media

Arizona Education Association THE ADVOCATE



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