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Volunteer to Mentor an Education Student

Looking back on our teaching experiences, undoubtedly, we can relate to the relevance of the following characteristics and personal assets that will make us effective mentors as we guide and provide unique, practical learning experiences for our student teacher mentees.

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  • Mentors are able to share their wisdom, their life experiences, and their career expertise with their student teacher mentees.  They are known for their good listening skills, for their support and pragmatic advice on how mentees can respond to student or classroom management situations they may encounter as student teachers, or once they’re in their own classrooms.


  • Mentors respect the interests and goals of the student teachers with whom they work.   They become familiar and adhere to the rules and policies prescribed by Arizona public universities and Public School Districts where their mentees study and prepare to become educators.


  • Mentors manifest their highest regard and respect for AEA-Retired and NEA-Retired through their exemplary collaboration with mentees and fellow mentors.


  • Mentors understand the importance of remaining current on educational issues and keeping up with the goals of public education.  They also value the importance of exchanging ideas constructively.


  • Mentors are able to honor time commitments, and work with their mentees; one on one, on an ongoing basis, throughout their student teaching experiences.


  • Mentors build mentoring relationships based on mutual respect, trust, understanding, empathy and ethical behavior.   They serve mentees as confidants and safeguard confidentiality.  They are not evaluators.   They are an additional source of support as they help the mentees attain a successful student teaching experience.


  • And most importantly, mentors are nonjudgmental and have excellent listening skills.  They are sensitive to students’ needs and are supportive, kind and patient and provide the mentees with constructive and honest feedback.


  • Mentors serve as a “sounding board” and are persons to bounce ideas off regarding teaching, classroom management, parent-teacher conferences, observations by mentee’s cooperating and supervising teachers. All these characteristics of good mentors allow the mentoring relationship with the student and mentor to flourish.


Apply to be a Mentor Today

Apply to become a mentor and attend a  two-day mandatory Mentor Training on Saturday, October 27 11:00 AM-4:00 PM and on Monday, October 29 10:00 AM - 3:00PM.

As retired teachers, we are concerned with the current and future state of our Arizona Public Educational System.  Consequently, we are determined to make a positive impact in the retention and future success of our next generation of educators in Arizona.  Let’s begin by offering our help to them as early as their student teaching year.


Let’s help our future educators pave their way to a successful and lasting career in which our students will thrive as they receive the highest quality education that each student has the right and is entitled to receive.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Please visit our link below to RSVP.  Deadline to sign up is Saturday, October 20.

Apply Here

Dear Potential Mentor:


You have a lifetime professional and social commitment to education.   AEA-Retired would like to extend an invitation to you to apply to become a mentor.  


The goal of our Intergenerational Mentoring Program is to enhance our mentees’ student teaching experience as we share our knowledge, teaching expertise and skills with them. Equally important is that we be there for them, lending attentive ears, listening to their concerns, and together brainstorming possible solutions to address them. 

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